Upcoming Shows

4.3.2016 Town Hall Seattle
Seattle Rock Orchestra Social Club Concert #2, Mike and Anna-Lisa will be featured vocalists, singing some favorite pop and rock hits from the 80s and beyond
Seattle, WA
Tickets here

3.10.2016 The Tractor Tavern
Bob Dylan Cover Night, a KEXP New Home Benefit, hosted  by Galen Disston of Pickwick
Seattle, WA
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Past Shows

12.14.2015 Hale’s Ale’s Brewery
The Kindling’s Muse Annual Christmas Show
Seattle, WA
Tickets Sold at the Door

12.3.2015 The Triple Door
The Winter Round w/Cumulus, Mikey & Matty, Erin Austin, Jason Dodson and more!
Seattle, WA
Tickets here

7.16.2014 Barboza
w/Aaron Embry of Edward Sharpe
Seattle, WA
Tickets here

5.3.2014 St. Mark’s Cathedral
BARE, an all a cappella night w/Courtney Marie Andrews, Daniel Blue, many more
Curated by Abbey Arts
Seattle, WA
Tickets here

4.5.2014 Chateau Ste Michelle
Distinguished wine and undignified music. A delicious combination.
Seattle, WA

3.14.2014 Columbia City Theater
Naomi Wachira’s Record Release!
Seattle, WA

2.19-22.2014  FOLK ALLIANCE INTL
Kansas City, MO
Private Showcases:
*late nite shows are listed as AM for the following day*
Wed 2.19 11pm Eli Cook Showcase Room 728
Thurs 2.20 3:30pm Access Film Music Room 702
Thurs 2.20 10:30pm 12×12/Quicksilver/Hearth Room 537
Thurs 2.20 12:00am Rockies by Northwest Showcase Room 735
Fri 2.21 1:30am Beatles in the Round Room 735
Fri 2.21 3:30pm Krazy Keys Room 713
Fri 2.21 10:30pm Sonic Bids Showcase Room 708
Sat 2.22 12:30am Omega Delta Psi Room 733
Sat 2.22 1:50am Pushing Chain Showcase Room 724
Sat 2.22 3:40pm Rockies by Northwest Showcase Room 735
Sat 2.22 11pm Rockies by Northwest Showcase Room 735
Sun 2.23 1:30am Omega Delta Psi Room 733

 1.14.2014 The Pink Door

1.21.2014 The Pink Door

1.28.2014 The Pink Door
Seattle, WA

1.11.2014  Timbrrr!! Winter Music Fest
Leavenworth, WA

12.13.2013 Harry Smith Folk Anthology Tribute Nite!
Seattle, WA

11.9.2013 Caffe Mela
w/ Bradford Loomis
Wenatchee, WA

11.1.2013 The Sunset Tavern
w/ Curtains for You (THEIR FINAL SHOW!!)
Seattle, WA

9.13.2013 The Tractor Tavern
w/ the Shook Twins
Seattle, WA

7.7.2013 The Triple Door
Seattle, WA       -tickets and info here

5.16.2013 The Fremont Abbey
***HANNALEE’S MORCHELLA RECORD RELEASE*** w/Kevin Long, Courtney Marie Andrews and Lotte Kestner
Seattle, WA

5.11-12.2013 The Moore Theatre
w/ the Seattle Rock Orchestra performing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band & Magical Mystery Tour by the one and only!
Seattle, WA

2.22.2013 The Triple Door SOLD OUT!
w/ Zach Fleury and Daniel Blue of Motopony
Seattle, WA

2.8&9.2013 Doe Bay
w/ the amazing Tom Eddy
Orcas Island, WA

2.1.2013 Sunset Hill Clubhouse  SOLD OUT!
with very special guest Courtney Marie Andrews
Ballard, WA

12.30.2012 Caffe Mela SOLD OUT!
In the roasting room with Daniel Blue and Kevin Long
Wenatchee, WA

12.21.2012 Fremont Abbey SOLD OUT!
Annual Gundersen Family Christmas Party
Seattle, WA

12.16.2012 The Gazebo
Leavenworth Holiday Performance
Leavenworth, WA

12.7.2012 Immanuel Presbyterian SOLD OUT!
Holiday BARE, a capella
Tacoma, WA

10.9.2012 The Triple Door
Opening the show for Little Green Cars from Dublin
Seattle, WA

10.6.2012  St. Mark’s Cathedral    SOLD OUT!
Cathedrals III: Curated by Abbey Arts
w/ Noah Gundersen and the Gundersen family
Seattle, WA

6.14.2012 The Triple Door
“Songs of Summer”, Gigs4Good benefiting the Rainier Food Bank
Seattle, WA

Indy Roots Stage at Broad Street, 12:55 PM
Seattle, WA

5.12.2012 | 5.13.2012 The Moore Theater
Beatles Tribute with the Seattle Rock Orchestra
Rubber Soul and Revolver!
Performances by Hannalee, John Roderick, Noah Gundersen, Kris Orlowski and more!
Seattle, WA

2.28.2012 The Triple Door
Shelby Earl’s Birthday Bash! w/ court jester genious Gabriel Mintz
Seattle, WA

2.14.2012 Historic University Theater
Valentine’s Day benefit for Santuary Art Center
Seattle, WA

12.04.2011 The Triple Door The Round’s Holiday Show!
w/ Matt Bishop (Hey Marseilles), Kaylee Cole, Daniel Blue (Motopony). Performing winter & holiday tunes to benefit Fremont Abbey’s arts programs for all ages & incomes.
Seattle, WA

12.03.2011 Columbia City Theater
w/ The Local Strangers, Big Sur, Shenandoah Davis
Seattle, WA

11.05.2011 Skylark Cafe
Daniel Johnston Cover Night (two cover songs) Troy Nelson’s (of KEXP) Birthday Bash w/The Young Evils, Buddy Ross (of Motopony), Blood Red Dancers, Shelby Earl and more. FREE!
Seattle, WA

08.28.2011 LoveFest
Seattle, WA

08.13.2011 Doe Bay Fest
Orcas Island, WA

06.18.2011 Fremont Fair
Seattle, WA

06.16.2011 Columbia City Theater
Seattle, WA

06.14.2011 Fremont Abbey, Round 73
Seattle, WA

05.14.2011 New Moves Dance Festival
Pittsburgh, PA

04.09.2011 Conor Byrne
Seattle, WA

01.21.2011 Fremont Abbey, BARE
Seattle, WA

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